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Monday, December 06, 2010
Tulsa Daily Commerce & Legal news
tulsa real estate data Service way of life for James R. Eagleton
Service has been the hallmark of attorney James R. Eagleton’s life, whether his church, profession or country. Take a close look at any one area where Eagleton has been involved and his leadership can be found.

Gary Richardson did it!
It was in 1984 that Gary Richardson was told that he couldn’t be a plaintiff’s attorney and have a legal practice survive. Today, as the Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Law Firm observes its 25th anniversary, the founder smiles at the memory of those who scoffed at his desire.

SDU very familiar to Rev. Boyd
The Rev. Jan Lewis Boyd is very familiar with the Tulsa County District Attorney’s SDU — Special Dog Unit. She helped start it — and she has a definite reason for staying involved.

OBA Pro Bono Award going to Proszek, Soule
Jim Proszek and Steven W. Soule will be accepting an award that both feel goes to the entire Hall Estill Law Firm. The Oklahoma Bar Association Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Award will be presented Nov. 19 during the General Assembly in Crowne Plaza.

Cherokee Nation business arm to surpass casinos
A Muskogee-based supplier of health care equipment and supplies has been purchased by the business arm of the Cherokee nation as part of its effort to diversify.

TU Military Law Society members want to help
Deborah Perdue, Hans Lehr, Kenny Elmore and Thomas Moratto have their own reasons for being part of the Military Law Society at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Carrier earns OBA, TCBA Liberty Bell Awards
Sherri Carrier is twice honored with Liberty Bell Awards. She will receive the Oklahoma Bar Association award during the annual meeting on Nov. 18 in Tulsa.

People gravitate to Morgan
People naturally gravitate to Morgan — and she loves it. Her home also indicates she is in charge. The sign on the front door reads, “This house is for the comfort and convenience of dogs.”

Bear is dog of choice
Three children carefully studied pictures of various dogs. Unanimously, they chose “Bear.” They wanted the 115 pound, five-year-old dog Pyrenees and Shepherd mix to be with them when they testified in court.

Toby is welcome visitor
Toby barked loudly as a visitor approached the front door of his residence. He was followed by Rooney, a 170-pound St. Bernard who, while not making a sound, also made it clear the visitor would go a thorough an inspection before being admitted.

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